Quality Preservatives

Many people are now looking for a good natural wood
preservative made from environmentally friendly raw
materials. In recent years there has been an increased
awareness of the hazards of chemical exposure in the home.
Using only naturally based products on floors and furniture
can significantly decrease the instance of harmful

Ingredients such as linseed oil, candelilla wax and thistle
oil are all naturally derived and provide excellent results.
These plant oils allow the product to breathe and also help
to retain its elasticity. The floor or furniture will
weather to a beautiful finish.

Linseed oil is used as a key component in naturally based
preservatives for many reasons. It also helps to repel water
and keep furniture dry. It is safe to use inside the home,
making it perfect for indoor furniture items and flooring.
It is often used as an envelope treatment. This method
simply dips the raw lumber into the solution and only the
outer five millimeters are treated.

Candelilla wax is a very interesting plant. It grows only in
specific regions of the southern United States and northern
Mexico. It is comprised of hydrocarbons and resins, which
make it perfect for use on any wooden items such as
furniture, tables and chairs. The plants are boiled to
extract the wax, which is then used as a hardening substance
in other wax based products.

Thistle oil is used as an ingredient in low VOC finishes as
a safer alternative to polyurethane. It has the advantage of
being natural, renewable and safe enough to use on
children’s toys. It is also easy to apply and quickly brings
out the inherent beauty of the wooden items.

Many hardware stores are now carrying the safer products.
Their customers are happy to spend a little more for a
natural wood preservative made from environmentally friendly
raw materials. This is especially true for parents who have
young children to think about.

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