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Self build log cabins

Self build log cabins with interlocking logs means there is no need to drill or cut anything because these logs cabin kits come pre-cut ready making the assembly of these building an easier process with little waste or mess.

Constructed the interlocking logs that generally interlock at the corners by using pre-cut mortises which maximize the stability and create a much firmer and sturder wall this interlocking is based upon the same principle a tongue and grove connection.

Most log cabin manufactures offer you a choice of the sized logs you want your wall thickness to be, but remember the thinner the log the more insulation you will need to add for this cabin to be used all year round.

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corner garden cabins make great garden home offices.

The popularity of having a garden office has increased as many people are now choosing to work from home, but if you have a limited garden space the a corner log cabin may be what you are looking for, as these log cabins fit neatly into the corner section of you garden and would not take up as much room.

There are many advantages of working from home such as no rental fees or traveling costs which have increased over the last few years, not to mention the traveling time to and from work which could be spent with your loved ones and with a wide range of corner and garden log cabins available for that ideal office space in many sizes and styles.

The lowest price log cabins with a thin wall thickness are only suitable when the weather is much warmer, for a garden home office you can use all year round having the right log thickness and proper insulation in your log cabin this will keep your home office warm and cozy because there is nothing worse than trying to work and concentrate in a cold room.

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Prefab Buildings

The popularity of prefabricated buildings has grown through out the years and the prefabrication process has dramatically change with modern day technology and up to date computers used some amazing masterpieces can be created. The advances is machinery which can cut the wood to precise dimensions allows for top quality shapes and designs.

Many prefabricated log cabins now include doors,window, wall panels, floor panels, roof trusses and even stairs that have been specially designed for quick and easy assembly, all you have to do before you receive your new prefab building is have a prepared level foundation on which your building is going to sit.

Leisure building 834 x 444 photo

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prefabricated building

The prefabrication building process started back in 19th century and not only did this define the assembly of these structures with the incress in demand and the latest technology it has made the components easier to construct.


By using this prefabrication method it not only saved money on construction costs there is much less materials wasted, in the past most of these prefab buildings were of a poor quality and were generally used to replace houses that were boomed in the war and were in used much longer than they were designed for there by obtaining a bad reputation but with todays advances prefabricated buildings have a much longer and stronger life.

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Cabin Interior wood

The interior wood of your cabin is just as important as the exterior the best way to look after your indoor wood is to use a  Polyx Oil Original wood preservative as this is for interior use and is best used on any interior wooden floor but it can be used on furniture and joinery wood, it will retain the natural look of the wood as well as being very hard wearing which will increase its durability making it dirt repellent and water resistant. This wood preservative polyx oil should Not to be used on any exotic wood species for example Merbau, Wenge, Jatoba.

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Garden Summerhouses

With prefabricated flooring Summerhouse when laid on a level and horizontal foundation with an upright post construction makes these buildings a simple and quick process when it comes to constructing them, with many uses from a storage building to a home garden office or even just some where to rest and relax, there are so many styles and sizes to choose from. Many log cabin summer house suppliers offering a bespoke service which means you can alter the building so it is better suited to your requirements.


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