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Log Cabins Video 1


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Treating your Cabins.

When it comes to treating the timber or log of your log cabins after they have been erected is by using a top quality wood preservative because it will protect the wood against any mildew and rot damage. The ideal preservative available on today’s market … Continue reading

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Holiday Homes.

Building a holiday home out of bricks can be quite expensive and take a long period of time, with the latest technology and materials that are available today this allows the creation of unique log cabin buildings which can easily … Continue reading

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The floor of your log cabin is very important.

The floor and floor bearers are very important when it comes to the design and building of your log cabin. Try and avoid purchasing a cabin with a chipboard floor which can be flimsy the preferably choice is to make sure that … Continue reading

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When you do not have much space a garden cabin can be ideal.

The garden log cabin is a preferred choice when you do not have the luxury of owning a large amount of land, a small garden log cabin can be ideal and with the right insulation in place it can be used … Continue reading

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Garden Leisure Buildings can be adjusted to suit your needs.

A high quality log cabin can be just as warm as a brick building this is due to the thickness and quality of the walls  which will be determined in the thickness of the log you choose for your log cabin, the thicker … Continue reading

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A Log Cabin Base.

All log cabins need a base as these log buildings can be extremely heavy depending on its size and thickness of logs that are going to be used will give you the dimensions you will need for your strong level concrete base on which to place your cabin. … Continue reading

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