Garden pavilions

For that stately in appearance Garden Pavilions can be an amazing focal point to any garden area, when you have one of these superb buildings in the garden area of your home it will not only add a very special addition to any garden it will also enhance it.

There are many sizes available from a small to a large pavilion that is big enough to have dinner parties or even just a space to rest ad relax these lovely garden rooms are growing in popularity.

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cabin wood preservatives

Many log cabin manufactures now offer log cabins that have already had a wood preservative treatment added to the wood or what they call a factory coloured finish this is usually added for an additional charge but you can choose not to have this service or some may not supply your cabin treated this is when you will need to treat your log cabin with a wood preservative.

A wood preservative is designed to treat timber or logs and you would only want the best treatment available for log cabins or timber buildings not only is it the best way to preserve the wood, using a high class top quality wood preservative will not only protect the wood but many have active ingredients that help protect it against any mildew and rot.

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log cabin house pictures

log cabin houses, log cabinslog cabin kits homes

Madison Madison-2Leisure-building(2)-582x575Leisure-building(2)-582x575-2



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cabin granny annexes

Having a log cabin  is a great way to house your in-laws when they pay you a visit during the holidays or as a great granny annexes for an elderly family member the minimum of 70 mm with additional insulation or a 95 mm if you don’t want to install internal insulation is the best log thickness to choose because the thicker the wall log the better insulating properties it has.

For the windows and doors in your log cabin or granny annex is the best one to choose would be double glazed which will prevent heat lost, it is recommended that some of the windows installed in your new log cabin can be opened this will allow ventilation during the summer months, The higher quality log cabins or granny annexes may have tilt and turn windows.



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Building a cabin

Self build log cabins are amazing buildings A log cabin video showing how to build a log cabin can show you exactly what sort of process is involved.

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log cabin bases

Not only do Log cabins, garden cabinshome cabin offices and granny annexes need a solid level foundation base it needs to be strong enough to withstand the weight of these building as many can weigh 1 ton or more depending on it size and the thickness of logs used in its construction.

Garden Cabin Office

Garden Cabin Office

The log cabin foundation base needs to be at least 4 inches thick and be a solid level base, by checking the type of soil your garden cabin is going to be placed upon will determine whether or not you are going to need hard core installed underneath the concrete base so it does not crack or break when your garden log cabin is placed onto the base.


garden log cabins

This 4 inch base should be raised above ground level by 3 inches with a waterproof membrane placed underneath in order to protect the bottom logs of your new log cabin.

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planning permission for a wood cabin kit ?

Do you need planning permission for wooden cabin kits?

It really depends on many things such as the size your cabin going to be and what you are using the cabin for there are many cases where you will not require planning permission but may need building control approval.

As a general rule the differences between building control and planning permission is if your log cabin is going to be a residential home where some one is going to permanently living, then it is very likely that planning permission will be needed. Where as building control regulations is an approval and safeguard of any construction work and that it is carried out is in accordance with all building regulation that are currently in force today.

It is always best to check as the location of your cabin could make a difference to whether you need building control or planning permission.


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