Treating Your Logs

Once your cabin has been erected is the best way to preserve the wood is to treating of the timber or log of your log cabins or timber buildings, using a quality wood preservative to treat the wood and protect against any mildew and rot.

When looking for the best preservative for your log cabins find one which is a natural oil based wood preservative they are usually available for interior and exterior wood, the natural oils in this preservative have a natural repellent to insects as well as being environmentally friendly.

When a water or spirit based wood preservative is used to treat your log cabin or garden buildings it needs to be re-treat every 2 years to keep your it in good condition, but by using an oil based preservative it only has to be treated every 4 or 5 years.

When you are choosing a colored wood preservative check that it will not only color your log or timber but also protect your wood.

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