Many people think that once you cut down a tree it dies, yes, I suppose it does in the true sense, although it is always interacting to weather conditions, when it is dry it tends to shrink when it is wet it swells up, this is most obvious with wooden doors on buildings and sometimes even in the house during the summertime when it’s hot there is quite a gap between the door and the post and then in the winter when it is wet the wood swells and closes the gap making it difficult to open the door.

With a better quality of cabin building the timber comes from a different region of the world where it has grown far more slowly and is more dense and resistant to the conditions mentioned above, so many companies out there offering all sizes and qualities one thing to always remember when purchasing Log Cabin, don’t go out and buy the cheapest you can find, some of the prices shown on the web are ridiculously low and looked too good to be true, in many cases they are too good to be true.


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