Looking for a log cabin kit ?

When looking for a log cabin kit you need to consider how you will heat and cool your new cabin many people are choosing to have wood burning stoves or furnaces and with the latest generation of wood burning technology not only are they practical, efficient and cheap to use they will blend in with the log cabin.

There are a wide range of log cabin manufactures on the internet where you will find useful information about log cabins whether you need insulation if the windows they supply will open, the quality of there wood they use, what is the best wall thickness to choose,if you would need additional insulation all these things need to be considered before you purchase your new cabin home, Many log cabin suppliers will be able to suggest the type of cabin that would be better suited for your plot of land and answer any questions you may have.

Another consideration is the location what is the size of your plot as this will determine the size and width of your cabin, how much privacy you will have and how your going to access services such as water and power or if it will need a septic tank, are there any restriction in place on your planning permission

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