Information about log cabins.

Once have decided on the size of log building the next thing is to go online and take a look at the many different designs and shapes available, along with the thickness of the timber you are going to use. Log thickness usually starts at 28 mm and can go up to over 200 mm, obviously for a garden log cabin you are not going to need 200 mm thick. if the cabin is going to be hobby room or an office than 70 mm or more is the ideal choice. Obviously the 28 mm log cabins are going to be far cheaper than a 45 mm or 70 mm the disadvantages with using such a thin log is that they are prone to twist and come out of the groove.

The roofing material is usually felt shingles and on some of the cheaper models ordinary shed felt. If felt shingles are to be used make sure these are of a good quality, as if you use cheap thin shingles they will not only tear in the wind but will deteriorate quickly this can also be the case when using shed felt as the life span of these cheaper materials will be much shorter. Felt shingles can be purchased in a variety of colors so this will need to be another point you will have to consider.

Cardiff 500 x 300 photo



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