Why a bertsch building?


Bertsch log cabins are made by the bertsch holzbau company which has been making timber buildings for several years and has produced many styles and kinds of wooden building with a great passion and conviction.

They will only use the very best first-class-wood that comes from north European firs this is because they are in charge of the entire production process which starts from finding the best wood selection process for there buildings.
They continue the process of profiling and milling the wood all the way to making accessories, windows and doors this in-turn makes it possible to build there bespoke buildings which can be build to your requirements and needs making it a personnel building just for you.

They use there years of experience and constant development with a high tech production process all guarantees that at the end of the day you will be getting a long lasting top quality structure with a choice of log thickness and pre-cast floors are all designed to
give you a great designer feel and look great quality about all bertsch buildings.

Bertsch can also paint your building for you with many colors available so if you want a good quality log building with a flexibility to create it suitable for your needs and requirements i would recommend bertsch.

Colorado 450 x 350 photoColorado log cabin.



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